Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The mummy must return to it's tomb....

Due to rights issues Celluloid Coffin Video is discontinuing La Venganza De La Momia. This 1973 film also known as The Mummy's Revenge was one of the first titles in the Coffins canon and as a small time DIY I was rather proud of this one. It was a good print, uncut, widescreen and in Spanish with English subs, a real treat for collectors of Spanish horror.

The good news is that Dorado Films has acquired the rights to this title which is a great thing! I know I can't do it justice with limited funds. I'm just a collector who's offering titles to other collectors. Dorado will do this up nicely. From what I have seen of their product, I have been impressed. Finally this wonderful film is getting an official U.S. DVD release (not sure about Blu-Ray) and I look forward to seeing the end result!

Stay groovy ghouls!


  1. Oh man I was looking forward to getting this title from you as I absolutely love your murder mansion

    1. Thanks for the kinds words about Murder Mansion. That is another title that Dorado Films has no licensed so you are one of the few who will have a Celluloid Coffin version.

      The good thing about all this is that Dorado Films can provide a nice transfer and hopefully some cool extras. Something that I am limited to. I am just a collector sharing with other collectors and fans.

      With that said, I do have a few goodies up my rotted sleeve that I plan on putting into the works soon! Hopefully they make up for losing Venganza and Murder Mansion.


    2. Oops! I meant that Dorado Films "has licensed".