Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffindan's Haunted Halloween Hootenanny

Greetings from the vault once again! I just wanted to make another announcement that in October of 2015, Celluloid Coffin Video will be releasing Coffindans Haunted Halloween Hootenanny!

This release will be a tribute to the old super 8mm Castle Films digests of the 60's and 70's. So if you like Drac, the Frankenstein monster, werewolves and creatures from dark lagoons, you are going to totally dig this release! This release will be chock full of monsters, spooky cartoons from yesteryear and lots of trailers! Possibly a video tribute to our favorite holiday here at the coffin featuring original music from yours truly, Coffindan! Check out this intro that will be featured on the disc. This is a nice tribute to the Creature Features of the 70's that will kick off the hootenanny!

So rock on fellow monsterkids and thank you for contributing to the success of Celluloid Coffin Video!

Friday, July 10, 2015

New titles from Celluloid Coffin Video!

Some new titles are readily available from Celluloid Coffin Video. I am very proud to present some classic horror plus the first CCV Euro Spy release!

 First up is our debut double feature release! This one is a Bela Lugosi special featuring The Devil Bat (1940) and White Zombie (1932). This double feature is really a great drive-in experience featuring trailers and intermission concession ads!

We hope to bring you more double feature discs in the future and believe me I have plenty of ideas to put together whether it be giant monster pairings or classic actor pairings.

Next up are two great titles from the coffin! Barbara Steele stars in The Long Hair of Death (1964) directed by Antonio Margheriti, one of the greatest Italian gothic horror directors. This underrated tale of terror is one of Steele and Margheritis best collaborations. Atmosphere is plentiful in this film and Steele sort of plays a dual role. The ending has such a great twist! The disc will also feature a Barbara Steele video tribute entitled "Barbara Steele: Queen of Gothic Terror". Plenty of photo stills and trailers in this extra exclusively brought to you by the Celluloid Coffin.

"Operation Kid Brother" stars Neil Connery (Sean Connery's brother) and is a classic Italian James Bond rip off. This is the complete widescreen version and not the version used on the cult tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Connery stars as Dr. Neil Connery (how's that for originality?) who finds himself mixed up in an international brouhaha when the British Secret Service use him as an operative to help thwart a terrorist group who wants to detonate an electro magnetic pulse upon the world. It also stars several Bond regulars such as Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell and Adolfo Celi. The U.S. theatrical trailer is also included on this disc and it just happens to be Celluloid Coffin Video release.....wait for it......007!

You can find these titles at my ebay store, just clicky clicky here. Here you will find other Celluloid Coffin Video titles and various DVDs, VHS, CDs and the like.

I thought I would include some photos of our other releases in this entry. I hope you take a moment to check out the ebay site as well and pick up some of these titles. I want to just take a quick moment to thank everyone who has bought a CCV titles these past few months! Night of the Howling Beast and La Venganza De La  Momia have been the best sellers so far! It makes sense though.....both are Paul Naschy films!

ALL titles are just $6.00 each plus $3.00 shipping.

 Night of the Howling Beast (1975)  

Terror in the Crypt (1963)

La Venganza De La Momia (1973) AKA The Mummy's Revenge

Coffindan's Cult Trailer Vortex (2014)