Monday, August 31, 2015

R.I.P. Wes Craven 1939 - 2015

At 7AM this morning I saw the news ticker across the bottom of my T.V. screen as I watched the morning newscast. Wes Craven was gone.....but certainly not forgotten.

I first heard of Craven through an ad in Fangoria magazine. The movie was "The Hills Have Eyes" but I can't really recall if it was an article on the movie or an ad for the soundtrack in Fangoria's soundtrack section. I didn't experience Craven's craft until 1984's "A Nightmare on Elm Street". I was instantly taken by the film and all it's nuances. I hadn't seen anything like it before unless you count Phantasm (1979) which I've always kind of thought ANOES was similar to. While Phantasm scared me, Nightmare and it's main character Freddy Krueger, scared me to death.

This film opened me up to the world of Wes Craven and I needed to see more of his work. I do know that after ANOES I went directly to The Hills Have Eyes. While the film was gritty and unsettling, it still didn't hit me like Elm Street did. With Elm Street I didn't know what was real or a dream (of course a running theme throughout the series) and the imagery is simply outstanding and frightening. That shot of Freddy with the out stretched arms slowly coming down the alley to get Tina is forever burned into my brain. I believe it was then I saw The Hills Have Eyes II and I was left feeling flat. The film just didn't have that "umph!" that Elm Street had and that I really wanted to experience again in a Wes Craven film.

Finally, one day while browsing the horror aisle at my local video store I saw the title I was looking for. The title I had read about but no one seemed to have on their shelves for rent (remember kids this was the mid - late 80's, we couldn't stream a movie on the internet you had to go out and rent a tape and if the store didn't have it in stock you were screwed). The Last House on the Left was the game changer for me. I had read about it so I knew what I was getting into, we I thought I did. By today's standards the film may have lost some of it's impact but still to me, it retains plenty of it. It was the film that seemed to get referenced all the time when people talked about Elm Street....and with good reason.

Last House was an assault on my senses. I hadn't seen such brutality on the screen until I popped that tape in the VCR. The film was extremely gritty, more so than Hills Have Eyes. The movie was full of squirm in your seat scenes which I admit bothered me the first go around. Hell they are still squirmy scenes which is a testament to Craven's ability as a director and story teller.

For me Craven's films were a series of ups and downs, good and not so good but always entertaining. When Craven returned in 1994 with Wes Craven's New Nightmare I was excited to see what he was going to bring to the Krueger family dinner table. Craven did not disappoint although some didn't like the film, I thought it was a nice return to that dark uncertainty that was found in the original Nightmare film. 1996 would be the year that really brought Craven back into the mainstream of the horror genre. Scream was an instant hit in theaters and a very nice tribute to the slasher film genre from a man who helped shape the genre in the 80's. While it might not be one of my favorite films of the Craven cannon, it is still one that has its frightful place on the shelves of many a horror fan.

Wes Craven will be missed. I will miss seeing his name pop up on new projects or seeing that he will be making an appearance at a horror convention. Although I never got a chance to meet the director, I have always heard some many great stories from those who have. He was described as one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.....which seems about right. Usually it's the nice ones that have the ability to scare the pants off us!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffindan's Haunted Halloween Hootenanny

Greetings from the vault once again! I just wanted to make another announcement that in October of 2015, Celluloid Coffin Video will be releasing Coffindans Haunted Halloween Hootenanny!

This release will be a tribute to the old super 8mm Castle Films digests of the 60's and 70's. So if you like Drac, the Frankenstein monster, werewolves and creatures from dark lagoons, you are going to totally dig this release! This release will be chock full of monsters, spooky cartoons from yesteryear and lots of trailers! Possibly a video tribute to our favorite holiday here at the coffin featuring original music from yours truly, Coffindan! Check out this intro that will be featured on the disc. This is a nice tribute to the Creature Features of the 70's that will kick off the hootenanny!

So rock on fellow monsterkids and thank you for contributing to the success of Celluloid Coffin Video!

Friday, July 10, 2015

New titles from Celluloid Coffin Video!

Some new titles are readily available from Celluloid Coffin Video. I am very proud to present some classic horror plus the first CCV Euro Spy release!

 First up is our debut double feature release! This one is a Bela Lugosi special featuring The Devil Bat (1940) and White Zombie (1932). This double feature is really a great drive-in experience featuring trailers and intermission concession ads!

We hope to bring you more double feature discs in the future and believe me I have plenty of ideas to put together whether it be giant monster pairings or classic actor pairings.

Next up are two great titles from the coffin! Barbara Steele stars in The Long Hair of Death (1964) directed by Antonio Margheriti, one of the greatest Italian gothic horror directors. This underrated tale of terror is one of Steele and Margheritis best collaborations. Atmosphere is plentiful in this film and Steele sort of plays a dual role. The ending has such a great twist! The disc will also feature a Barbara Steele video tribute entitled "Barbara Steele: Queen of Gothic Terror". Plenty of photo stills and trailers in this extra exclusively brought to you by the Celluloid Coffin.

"Operation Kid Brother" stars Neil Connery (Sean Connery's brother) and is a classic Italian James Bond rip off. This is the complete widescreen version and not the version used on the cult tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Connery stars as Dr. Neil Connery (how's that for originality?) who finds himself mixed up in an international brouhaha when the British Secret Service use him as an operative to help thwart a terrorist group who wants to detonate an electro magnetic pulse upon the world. It also stars several Bond regulars such as Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell and Adolfo Celi. The U.S. theatrical trailer is also included on this disc and it just happens to be Celluloid Coffin Video release.....wait for it......007!

You can find these titles at my ebay store, just clicky clicky here. Here you will find other Celluloid Coffin Video titles and various DVDs, VHS, CDs and the like.

I thought I would include some photos of our other releases in this entry. I hope you take a moment to check out the ebay site as well and pick up some of these titles. I want to just take a quick moment to thank everyone who has bought a CCV titles these past few months! Night of the Howling Beast and La Venganza De La  Momia have been the best sellers so far! It makes sense though.....both are Paul Naschy films!

ALL titles are just $6.00 each plus $3.00 shipping.

 Night of the Howling Beast (1975)  

Terror in the Crypt (1963)

La Venganza De La Momia (1973) AKA The Mummy's Revenge

Coffindan's Cult Trailer Vortex (2014) 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Celluloid Coffin Video

Hello all! It's been awhile since I have updated my blog. Life has been busy and well sometimes I don't get the chance to come by and post my thoughts on films that I have watched or wax poetic about analog VHS goodness. For that I apologize.

I do want to announce my new venture into horror DVD! Last October I created a trailer compilation and sold about 20 copies. This was my little test to see how things might possibly go if I decided to venture into releasing some horror titles. It went well enough to prompt me to start Celluloid Coffin Video Productions.

CCV (Celluloid Coffin Video) will be a very small operation. For now it will specialize in public domain titles. Each title is produced per order on quality DVD-R. Each release will come with color artwork and labeling. I will also try my best to make each title special by adding as many related extras as I can (trailers, slideshows, bios etc.). The price will be low and I will start out selling on eBay. I already sell there anyway so why not right?

The first four titles that are ready to be unleashed are:

La Venganza De La Momia (The Mummy's Revenge - Paul Naschy - 1973)
Terror in the Crypt (Christopher Lee - 1964)
Night of the Howling Beast (Paul Naschy - 1975)
Coffindan's Cult Trailer Vortex (2014)

I have had a love for horror films since I was a kid and this venture is something that I have always wanted to try. I'm not getting any younger so the time is now! Check out the trailer for CCV and feel free to stop by the ole coffin over at eBay as well. I hope to go live soon and I will certainly announce the live date here at the coffin blogspot!



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