Monday, April 4, 2016

It's a place of refuge, it's a mansion in the fog!

Another release is upon us ghoulies! A nice tasty piece of Euro/Spanish celluloid entitled La Mansion De La Niebla aka Murder Mansion (1972).

This is one of those slow burn type of films that has just enough action in it to keep you awake but really it's an atmospheric thriller with plenty of fog. There's a great creepy mansion in the fog and an even creepier cemetery in the fog and several the fog. If you could set up your viewing area outside in the yard you should do so and make sure it's on a foggy evening.

It's also known as Maniac Mansion and Exorcism Mansion....why I have no idea but the poster is pretty rad!

Here's the skinny on the film itself. It's a Spanish/Italian co production directed by Francisco Lara Polop and written by Luis G. de Blain and Antonio Troiso. It stars Ida Galli who also was in Lucio Fulci's Seven Notes in Black (1977) and Analia Gade who starred in Exorcism's Daughter (1971). I wonder if that's where the whole "Exorcism Mansion" title might have been derived from? Oh the mind ponders doesn't it?

Murder Mansion (the U.S. title) hit video shelves in the 1980's via Charter Home Entertainment. It was dubbed into English of course but was presented to my knowledge pretty much intact without much or any censoring. Celluloid Coffin is proud to present this title in a nice Widescreen print with the original Spanish audio with English subtitles. A real steal for only $7.00 (plus shipping)! You can find it over at the ole bay....Ebay that is of course. And yes the price went up a buck due to new materials being used for the cover art. Nice glossy cover art!

There are several projects in the works right now at the old coffin. I'm still assembling a new trailer compilation and I hope to gear up for the fall with another Halloween Hootenanny! Of course all this just hinges on how much free time I have. There's a lot to do when you spend your time roaming the endless catacombs searching for mildew ridden cans of film to exhume! Until next time, keep watching spooky flicks!

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