Wednesday, September 28, 2016

They're coming! The monsters are coming!

Every year the monsters make their appearance at the Chesapeake Central Library in Chesapeake Virginia. For the 13th time, they will invade once again!

On October 1st, this Saturday as I write this entry, Monster Fest 13 will be happening. Every first weekend of October I look forward to visiting and sometimes hosting a discussion panel at this one day free convention.

Rob Floyd and friend.
The convention is organized by Rob and Phyllis Floyd, two great folks who have become good friends of mine. I have been attending the fest and the bi monthly series Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion, for the past seven or so years. Each year the fest gets bigger and better.

One of my favorite things about the fest is the appearances of some of the local t.v. horror hosts from years past. Dr. Madblood, who still has a yearly Halloween special, is always on hand along with a cast member or two from the show. Rick Clark aka The Keeper from Chamber Theater will also be on hand this year as well. These two figures were a staple in my horror t.v. diet growing up. It's always a joy to talk with them as well because they are such nice people.
Dr. Madblood

The fest also features a ton of vendors as well as great panel discussions of genre films and subjects. There is also live music for those who need to get their spooky funk on. For past several years The Cemetery Boys have been playing all day during the fest. There is just so much fun to be had and if you are in surrounding area of Chesapeake Virginia or even if you are a couple of hours away it is worth your while to come check it out.

Don't forget that after the fest at 7pm there will be the Monster Fest episode of Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion. This year's double feature will include the classic Frankenstein (1931) and the classic slasher Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D! Two great films that represent the core of what the fest is about (the celebration of monsters and horror) but also a nice symbol of this being the "13th" year.

A few frightful things you will find at the Celluloid Coffin table.
There's just way too much going on for me to really type up in this entry so I am going to leave some links for you clickity click on. If you come out be sure to drop by the Celluloid Coffin table and say hi to me, Coffindan.

Stay cool ghouls!

Monster Fest the 13th

The Cemetery Boys

Dr. Madblood

Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion

Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror

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