Friday, June 10, 2016

The Queen is screaming at Etsy!

Greetings! Another double feature release is now available from the ole Coffin! This double feature includes two of Barbara Steele's classic Italian gothic horror films. The Ghost (1963) and Nightmare Castle (1965).

Steele, as usual, is outstanding in both of these films. The Ghost is a continuation of the Dr. Hichcock theme that starred Steele in the 1962 film "The Horrible Dr. Hichcock" that was also directed by Riccardo Freda. A slow burn type of horror film but well acted and filmed. This was one of Steele's films that I hadn't discovered until about five years ago. Nightmare Castle is one of Steele's most well known films probably taking second fiddle to Black Sunday (1960). Directed by Mario Caiano who claims the film was a tribute to Gothic cinema and to Steele herself. Steele knocks it out of the park with her dual performance. Story wise it fits right in with the Hichcock themes which makes this a very nice double feature. It also stars the lovely Helga Line (Horror Rises From The Tomb).

Celluloid Coffin Video also has a new home on Etsy! We will still list on Ebay but I thought it might be a good idea to expand so we will see how things go. I mean come on you can get your craft on and pick up some great horror, sci-fi and euro spy flicks! Right now only domestic shipping is available through the Etsy store but that is only temporary. For our international customers you can continue to pick up titles through Ebay. So come on by and check us out!

Celluloid Coffin Video at Etsy

Celluloid Coffin Video at Ebay

The next Halloween Hootenanny disc is in the editing stages. I've got some great ideas for what I hope to be another great fun release that will include some giant monsters, angst ridden werewolves, outer space invasions gone awry and hopefully Vincent Price! Also another double feature release will happen soon. I've got an idea that's been kicking around the coffin that involves fangs, the living dead and everyone's favorite Spanish lycanthrope, Paul Naschy! So stay tuned and stay scary!

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