Monday, May 9, 2016

Slash O Rama Drive-in is here!

Greetings again fellow ghoulsters! I am happy to announce the all new Celluloid Coffin Video trailer compilation entitled "Coffindan's Slash O Rama Drive-In". I finally put the pedal to the metal and finished this little gem before the summer hit. 97 minutes of heart pounding, blood splattering, throat slashing horror! A tribute to one of my favorite sub genres in horror, the slasher film. Along with these great trailers are also plenty of drive-in theater intermission ads. A lot of fun to be had on this little disc and a sure fire hit for your next family get together.....if your family is a bunch of psychopaths....not that there's anything wrong with that!

Also available from the Coffin is "Don't Look In The Basement" / "Messiah of Evil" double feature!
A double dose of shock and sleaze! Both films
were filmed in 1973 and are staples of low budget horror and exploitation. No trailers on this disc just bare bones horror!

I'm a bit of new comer when it came to "Don't Look In The Basement" so it was a treat to check
this one out before figuring out what to pair it with. "Messiah of Evil" has been in my horror vocab since the 8th grade when I discovered the old Video Gems big box rental. It certainly isn't the be all, end all zombie flick but it's a cool twist on the sub genre. What I love about both of these films is that they really show off their birth dates of 1973. The settings, the fashion, the hair, just ALL of what made the early 1970's so bell bottommy glorious!

Be sure to drop by the ole Ebay Coffin and check out the new titles. There are more on the way as I come up with a few more double features in anticipation of having a vendor table at this years Monster Fest 2016 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Plus another Halloween Hootenanny is on the drawing board and I hope to get that started and finished in the next few months!

Stay Ghoulish!!